Welcome to Green Field Academy

The admission to Greenfield Academy was made open from September, and it was resolved in the GSDF meeting that Mrs. Rita Das will be the Administrator and Mrs. Dipty  Chakroborty will be the Headmistress of the school and Mrs. Gayetree  Chakroborty  would be in charge of the staff welfare. Meetings  and settlements with various book publishers, ad-agencies and dress- makers were going on throughout  this month.

From October 2014 2015 till January the members of GSDF were busy taking admissions and preparing for the opening day of the school.

The classes and their age groups are as follows----for the age group of  2+  the class was names as “Toddlers”.  For the age group of 3+  the class was named as “Buddies”.  For the age group of 4+  the class was named as “Transition”.   For the age group of 5+ and onward started as class 1, 2 and so on.  Besides studies we conducted Yoga classes, Smart classes, games and  regular medical check ups.

In  November 2014,  a  medical camp was organized on 9th November, where Mr.AsimGan of Gan Laboratories was present to organize the blood group test.  Dr.TanushreeChakroborty, Dr.ProdipChakroborty sand Dr.Priyankar Roy were present to attend the patients.  Read More

Admission Updates

Admission for classes
* Toddlers, 
*Transition and 
*classes1 to 6 (six) is going on
please collect the form and the prospectus from the school office on all the week days from 9am to 2pm.
Admission test is compulsory for admission in all classes above transition.

Our Teachers

Greenfield Academy teachers are passionate about teaching, so they love and enjoy teaching the children of Greenfield Academy. ...... read more