Gopinath  social development foundation  visualizes a society with proper education and good health.

The aims of GSDF can be carried forward by

  • Periodically arranging medical camp , thereby distributing free samples of medicines, arranging for pathological tests.
  • Building an English medium school for children to  impart  knowledge and education.

Being a social development foundation, it was our mission to help the marginalized and the underprivileged section of the society by organizing a free health camp.   A "Free Health Camp" was decided to be organized on 15th August but due to  some unforeseen circumstances and pre engagements of the dignitaries and the doctors, it was postponed to 24th August 2014.

Prior to this, a small religious program was organized on 17th August and food was distributed to some needy people in the locality, which in turn was highly appreciated by the local clubs and the ward councilor.

Besides these the members met regularly to decide and plan the course of actions for their future activities amongst which the most important work was to lay the foundation stone for the school named "Greenfield Academy" which would enhance the quality of education among the children of the locality.

On 24th August, the gates of GSDF and Greenfield Academy were opened to the guests and the patients who had flocked in to have their health checked up by devoted doctors.

The inauguration program started at 11am with the announcement of the arrival of the guests… Noteworthy amongst them included Mr.NikhilNath Bhattacharya, retired judge of Calcutta High Court, Br.Macarthaigh, a brother and a social worker of St.Joseph School, Sr.Leela  the coordinator of (KSSDS) Kolkata Salesian Sisters Development Sciety  and Mr.TaposhChatterjee, Chairman of the Rajarhat Municipality. Sri BiswanathChakroborty, elder brother of Lt..Gopinath Chakroborty was present at the inauguration to usher his words about Gopinath.

Mr.NikhilNath Bhattacharya appreciated the total endeavor and spoke about the need of such activities throughout West Bengal so that our state may rise up to a better position.

He also appreciated the resolution of GSDF to start an English Medium School in the same campus as he feels the importance of a proper education in today’s society.

Sr.Leela from AuxiliumConvent, also appreciated entrepreneurship of all the members of GSDF and stressed on the importance of hard work and sincere prayers. She wished GSDF a very bright future and prayed for their betterment.

Mr.TaposhChatterjee expressed  his happiness to find such an organization and a school to be built in the area and thanked GSDF for such a movement in spite of the ongoing spree for high rising buildings through promoters.  He was highly hopeful about the future of GSDF.

The poor and the under-privileged people of the area flocked in for the free health camp , where the patients first registered their names at the registration desk and later was checked  by the doctors present on that day.

By 4pm in the evening, the medical camp was called off  for the day.

The “Opening Ceremony” and the “Free health checkup” was  quite successful  and educative. The whole experience provided the members with great enthusiasm to carry forward their mission to help the under privileged members of the society in the most important sectors including their health and education for a better mind, body and soul. The GSDF members later dispersed after a short meeting at 6pm.