About Us

We are a group of energetic, dynamic and passionate people who are eager to work towards the betterrment of the society.  Gopinath Social Development Foundation was formed and a school under the name and style of Greenfield  Academy was established.

Greenfield Academy is an institution which gives holistic education to the children.

The Trust members had also conducted  free “Health camps” and  “Eye camps”  at regular intervals to bring up the general health of the society.

Keeping in mind the week educational infrastructure of our locality and that a school is an institution designed for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers, the trustees of GSDF started a main stream school in  the name and style of Greenfield Academy, where the children receive holistic education with life scoping skills. The students are trained in martial art like karate and the most important regular sessions of yoga.

Every year the children enjoy Summer Camps and Winter Camps, wherein they learn more about the  different seasons of India. These camps help the children to build up their moral values and enhance their qualities of being a better human.